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Retro Brawl APK İndir 2022

Retro Brawl APK İndir 2022 The server was first launched on January 21, 2021.

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The server already has:
– Chests
– Clans
– Character leveling
– Games through the “Practice” button

Information on all of the above things:


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With a 5 percent chance, you can drop any character you don’t have, points on existing characters, and gold. Passives do not fall. Your loot depends on the level of the chest, the better the chest, the better the loot.



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The clans have a chat and also have commands. It is planned to make available roles, clan management.

retro brawl apk 2022

Character leveling

Knock pumping points out of chests and earn money to upgrade your characters.

Retro Brawl APK İndir
Retro Brawl APK İndir


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You can play and win. Unfortunately, you are not yet credited with cups, but you can practice until the moment when we do the battles!

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Retro Brawl APK İndir 2022

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